Product Description
Plan Carrier and Briefcase all-in-one messenger bag.

Like a “Backpack”, Plan Pak is designed to carry all that’s important, in an easy comfortable transportation method.

Plan Pak combines that of a plan carrier and a briefcase in one comfortable bag that is great and easy for travel.

Plan Pak comes with a secure universal cell phone attachment that fits right across your chest allowing quick and easy access to the outside world.

Voted by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) as one of its top 100 greatest inventions.

Plan Pak comes in standard black, but can be customized in a variety of colors to meet your needs. We can customize your Plan Pak with your name or company logo for great marketability. Plan Pak can act as a small Billboard promoting you and your company around town or around the world.

This sleek design allows Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Designers and Students the ease of carrying everything that they need in one bag.

Plan Pak is water proof and strong enough to hold a laptop computer plus its cords, keys, business cards, pens, pencils, scale and a secure pocket to hold your wallet or PDA.

Plan Pak will hold up to 46" architectural plans size paper and 50 pounds of weight.

Plan Pak is made in the USA.